Cybersecurity Consulting


SMB’s Cyber Security Consultant

It’s important to keep pace with the most innovative cybersecurity trends, and cyber security consultants from IVTAS can help you with that. We offer the most efficient cybersecurity consulting and IT security services to enforce your current IT infrastructure and establish viable security against emerging threats. Don’t leave things to chance. Our senior cyber security consultant will lead you through the most critical aspects of your IT ecosystem and ensure each of them is secured according to the most recent security standards.

With COVID, cybersecurity has become one of the most vulnerable aspects of any company doing business online. Trends like work from home and moving assets to the digital space have opened the door for more sophisticated cyber threats aimed at small and midsize businesses worldwide.

IVTAS is a leading cybersecurity consulting company with a long-standing experience helping small and midsize businesses nationwide safeguard their digital assets. Our strategic approach enables your company to overcome the most serious cybersecurity challenges and establish a safe business environment suitable for further business growth and prosperity.

You can rely on us whether you’re looking for one-time IT security consulting or long-term guidance. We can meet your needs quickly, efficiently, and at a great price! Close your doors to hackers and be open to new opportunities with IVTAS by your side!

Small Business Cybersecurity Consulting is a Necessity


of Cyber-Attacks Target Small Businesses

of SMBs Go Out Of Business Due to Cyber-Attack

of SMBs Experience 6 – 8 Hours of Downtime Due to Cyber-Attack ($1.56 million in losses)

Big companies and enterprises handle massive amounts of data but often have better cybersecurity measures in place. On the other hand, small and midsize businesses are more commonly targeted due to their poor cybersecurity measures that allow hackers to access their data and systems easily.

If you’re a small or midsize business owner, it’s time to strengthen your IT environment and set solid cybersecurity measures against the most innovative cyber threats. If you’re still unsure about whether you should hire a professional cybersecurity consulting firm, take a look at the numbers below and think again.

Remember that hackers care about one thing only – sensitive data. They don’t care about your company’s size. However, it’s much easier to target smaller organizations with inadequate cybersecurity measures than a worldwide corporation that employs comprehensive cybersecurity practices to protect its essential customers’ information, healthcare records, and other types of confidential information.

Rely on IVTAS to detect and address the weakest links in your IT chain and safeguard every single piece of data flowing through your network – from emails to your clients’ sensitive information.

Specialized Small Business Cybersecurity Consulting

Let IVTAS be your number one choice when looking for professional and scalable cybersecurity services for your small business. We can help you protect your essential digital assets, office network users, and technologies by crafting custom-tailored solutions for your company’s unique needs and cybersecurity challenges.

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

We employ the most efficient cybersecurity consulting services beyond the traditional break/fix model. Our proactive and long-term solutions ensure your system is protected around the clock, allowing you to fight any data security challenge with peace of mind.

Managed Security Services

We provide the best managed IT security services for your office networks, servers, and desktops at a fair monthly rate. Enjoy unlimited IT security services at a flat monthly fee, no hidden cost and full transparency.

Compliance Consulting (HIPAA, NIST, DFARS, CMMC)

We help organizations achieve and maintain the necessary compliances in the long run. We cover all industries requiring HIPAA, NIST, DFARS, or CMMC compliances and ensure each part of their IT infrastructure is safe and in line with the most recent compliance modifications.

Endpoint Device Security

Our efficient endpoint protection ensures all connected devices within your office, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktops, are safe from the most advanced cyber threats, applying the best methods to prevent data breaches and similar inconveniences.

Advanced Email Protection

Our unique email protection includes intelligent spam filtering and unbreakable encryption for the most efficient protection against sophisticated spam, computer viruses, and malware. We ensure all your mailboxes are monitored around the clock, delivering unmatched office security.

Network Security Consulting

IVTAS is a reputable IT security consultant that offers real-time network and firewall monitoring. We’ll help you establish adequate policies and processes to prevent and detect unauthorized access to your network or any malicious attempt, both inside and outside the company.

Antivirus and Anti-Ransomware Protection

We install and configure the best antivirus and anti-ransomware solutions for all devices you’re using for your daily business operations. Besides, our long-term partnerships with reputable providers like Bitdefender and Avira allow us to deliver the best protection at a great price.

Vulnerability Scan

Our comprehensive vulnerability scan helps us identify potential threats and prioritize the most serious risks that could affect your workflow.

Backup and Recovery

We’ve got you covered in case of accidental file deletion or data loss resulting from a cyber-attack. Depending on your unique goals and challenges, you can choose between cloud and on-site backup and recovery solutions.

We are aware that, in these uncertain times, cybersecurity requires more comprehensive approaches. For that reason, we provide complete password protection, fast data breach response, dark web monitoring, multi-factor authentication for more enhanced security, limiting access to sensitive data to authorized staff only, regular updates, security patching, DNS breach protection, and other computer security service solutions to take your IT environment to the next level.


Computer Security Services in 3 Steps



Upon a complete assessment of your current cybersecurity measures, we provide custom-tailored, industry-driven, and strategic roadmap to strengthen your IT infrastructure and eliminate any weakness that might exist in your system.


We implement the best antivirus and cybersecurity tools to remove vulnerabilities from your system, server, computer, or network. That way, we reduce the risks of threats and protect your valuable digital assets from exposure or unauthorized access.


Our proactive approach promotes around-the-clock protection against the most common cyber threats. It means that we can respond to any attack quickly and prevent potential incidents that could otherwise harm your company’s reputation and budget.


Industries We Cover

Every industry deals with different challenges concerning cybersecurity. IVTAS understands that, and we are doing our best to craft unique services to match your specific goals. So far, we’ve helped various industries enforce their IT environments and achieve the necessary compliances for conducting their business safely and efficiently.



According to the most recent statistics, the healthcare industry is the most commonly targeted by cyber-attacks. We can address all the challenges healthcare organizations face and lead them through the essential steps of becoming HIPAA compliant.

Law firms

Law firms

Law firms find it challenging to remain compliant in the long run. Law firms store large amounts of essential data, which is why enhanced cybersecurity plays a vital role there. We can help you strengthen your current IT environment and employ the most efficient security strategies to get you closer to HIPAA compliance.

Accounting & CPAs

Accounting & CPAs

Massive amounts of data can be a problem for accounting firms. It opens the door to many challenges and cybersecurity risks, but IVTAS can help you deal with them in the most efficient ways. Our industry-driven accounting CPA IT support enables you to achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance in the long run, preventing the onset of the most common cyber threats.

Government & DoD Contractors

Government & DoD Contractors

Organizations working closely with the government or the Department of Defense (DoD) must have all compliances in place before signing a contract. Cybersecurity specialists from IVTAS have many years of experience helping government and DoD contractors achieve NIST, DFARS, CMMC, and other compliances and remain compliant in the long run.

Besides the above-mentioned industries, we serve real estate, dental, insurance, laboratory, SaaS, and non-profit organizations that are commonly targeted by sophisticated cyber threats as they handle large amounts of sensitive data. If you’re one of them, don’t hesitate to contact our cybersecurity consultant and schedule a FREE consultation today!

Why Choose IVTAS Cybersecurity Consulting?

IVTAS is one of the best cybersecurity consulting firms that helps you establish a rock-solid office network ready to deal with the nastiest cyber-attacks aimed at corporate networks. Besides offering an industry-driven and custom-tailored approach, IVTAS excels at the following spheres:

  • In-depth cybersecurity consulting
  • All-encompassing cybersecurity solutions for your networks, servers, and workstations
  • Fruitful and long-standing partnerships with Microsoft, Bitdefender, Cisco, Dell, and VMware
  • Remote and on-site computer security services
  • Cloud security consulting (Microsoft Azure and Office 365)
  • HIPAA, NIST, DFARS, and CMMC compliance consulting
  • Foolproof firewall solutions
  • Intrusion detection & incident response
  • 24/7 network security monitoring


How Can Cybersecurity Consulting Firm Help Your Business Grow?

Your business growth and success highly depend on your system’s security and data protection. Besides helping you do your business with peace of mind, IT security services enhance employee productivity and give your business a competitive edge. Other advantages include:

Fosters Employee Education

When your employees are aware of cyber threats that could harm the entire company’s safety, they’ll be more careful when sharing sensitive files and dealing with the most severe risks your business is facing.

Employs Better Security Practices

By hiring professional cybersecurity consulting providers, you have an opportunity to employ the best practices to strengthen your IT environment. One of them is multi-factor authentication, which allows users to access critical business accounts or emails by providing more than one authentication factor. Besides passwords, the user is required to enter the code they received on their email or phone (SMS).

Encourages Better Password Protection

Passwords are often underestimated, which is huge mistake companies make. Our firm will suggest the best password practices to safeguard your sensitive accounts and recommend the most trustworthy password generators to help you create strong and impossible-to-break passwords.

Strengthens Network Security

IVTAS cybersecurity consultants ensure your business’s Wi-Fi network is safe from unauthorized access or intruders that could execute malicious codes through the Internet connection. Besides, we’ll protect all your networks with strong passwords and other appropriate security measures.

Implements Foolproof Antivirus and Anti-Ransomware Protection

Our cybersecurity specialists will install the best antivirus and anti-ransomware solutions to safeguard your valuable business data from potential attacks. Depending on your specific needs and budget, we’ll recommend, implement, and regularly update antimalware.

IVTAS: Cybersecurity Consulting for Your Unique Challenges

It’s never too late for radical changes within your company. Hire an IVTAS cybersecurity consulting firm to strengthen your IT infrastructure and enhance protection against the most advanced cyber threats. Our security consulting services are custom-tailored and adapted to every industry’s goals and budget. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (858) 769-5393 to discuss your options and stand in the way of cyber-attacks together!